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Cookies are small bits of information that are stored by your computer through the browser. They are regularly used as a way of the browser remembering what the browser has done in the past. This allows your browser to attempt to optimise your experience by making features quicker for the user. We use cookies on our site to enrich your experience by tailoring it to be closer to your needs. They also enable us to learn about all our users so that we can expand and develop our business to be more effective in the future. This accounts for who has seen which pages, how frequently certain pages are visited, and which are the most popular areas of our website. These may be used to us and our third parties to show the user the most relevant advertising online.

There are numerous types of cookies which exist:

  • Strictly necessary cookies - These are cookies without which the site will not operate. These allow you to perform such operations as logging in. Without it, we could not have an effective area of the site to upload cars. It simply wouldn't be possible.
  • Analytical and Performance Cookies - This cookie allows third parties to collect information about visitors to allow the development of statistics, such as total site visitors or total page impressions.
  • Functionality Cookies - These are cookies who aim to help the functional operations and speed of a website. For example, they will remember that have visited the site before and wish to remain logged in.
  • Ad serving Cookies - These cookies allow target advertisements to appear on the site. This allows third parties to optimise their adverts towards your interests.
  • Targeting Cookies - These websites record the user's visit to the website and the browsing habits which accompany this user. They are used to enhance advertising to the user whilst also may be used to limit the number of times you see an advert.

A cookie can not grab data from your hard-drive, damage your device, run programmes on your device or release viruses. You can change your browser to restrict cookie usage. Some useful links on this include:

If you wish to turn off Cookies on our website, please contact us.

For more information on third-party advertising-related cookies and how to opt-out of them, please visit on of the following third-party websites:

Our site also links to other websites. These other sites will have their own privacy policies which will govern how the use personal information. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of these third parties.